Class A External Load Operations

Performance Operations
External Cargo Carriage
Powerline Working Platform

Class A external load operations involve the carriage of cargo outside the helicopter and above the helicopter's landing gear skids. CBH PLUS, Class A operations involves the carriage of external cargo on our platforms (up to 500 pounds per rack). Class A operations also involves the carriage of a helicopter based electric lineman for use in power line repair operations.

CBH PLUS offers helicopter external load services under our FAA Rotorcraft External Load Operating Certificate. CBH PLUS fills unique services requirements for utility and other companies for external load operations and comprehensive power line inspections. CBH PLUS offers power line maintenance services from our helicopter based platform Class A). We also offer long line lifting services (Class B) and Class C (side pulling capabilities) services for power line construction projects. CBH PLUS has also been patrolling power line and pipeline systems in the United States for over eleven years.